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The art of hospitality is my passion and a family tradition. For more than 18 years, my entire team and I have been striving to make Farina the quintessence of Krakow, a cosmopolitan city, combining tradition with modernity, while at the same time overflowing with a unique, homely charm. The idea behind Farina and its menu is our idea of simple, good cuisine; fresh, light, flavorful, inspired by travel and novelties. I invite you to my culinary world!

My culinary passion has its origins in childhood memories. Even as a girl of several years, I watched as my Grandmother, who knew the kitchen inside out, served dishes from the area of her native Lviv or Stanislavov in her guesthouse in Krynica. So there was Ukrainian borscht on the table, rotten cheese, dumplings with cream, studzienina. To this day I still refer to her recipes, but most often the memory simply returns to me of the warm joy that was associated with receiving guests. After graduating from the High School of Music, I chose to study at the Department of Art History, Jagiellonian University. I was not interested in a career as a pianist, so expected by my immediate family. In fact, I knew even then that the only art that really interested me was culinary art. Today, together with my husband, I have the pleasure of running a restaurant that gives me the opportunity to realize my culinary fascinations and share this joy with our guests.

I love to grow and educate myself. That’s how I ended up at Kurt Sheller Academy, where I had a fantastic time. I listened, watched, asked questions and, above all, cooked like crazy. I also took a big, brave, but very natural step in this industry – I joined Le Cordon Bleu. This is the most famous and reputable culinary school in the world. Le Cordon Bleu gave me an unlimited passport to the culinary world.


We are fortunate to run a restaurant in the historic interiors of a palace building in the heart of the city; the old ceilings and vaulted ceilings, the Mannerist Renaissance columns remind us that Krakow has not only always been a cradle of tradition, but also a worldly place, open to new trends and ideas. I wanted our restaurant to be just that.


Thanks to a close-knit and professional team of cooks and waiters, our efforts have been repeatedly recognized by guests and food critics. Our greatest pride is the annual accolades from the Michelin Red Guide “Main Cities of Europe“, the Yellow Guide “Gault & Millau” and the “Wine Spectator“. Our restaurant receives the title of “Travellers Choice” from TripAdvisor every year.


“Mediterranean cuisine”

This is a book for those who love the world. It contains recipes, thoughts and beautiful photos from around the world. An album that will occupy the most important place in your kitchen with flour or in the living room – to read with a glass of wine.

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